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Let's work together to create your future home.

One that feels great, and that you feel great in.

Hello, I'm Amelia. Welcome to Design by Amelia Lee.

Building and renovating is an exciting opportunity to create your future home - and the lifestyle it will help you and your family lead.

With over 20 years industry experience in architecture and design, I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners create homes that feel great, and help them feel great in them. And (with my husband) we've also renovated our own homes.

This experience has helped me know how to create homes that work, are beautiful, on all budgets, and that their owners love to live in.

We work together to design a perfectly tailored home for you and your family. One that helps you get bang for buck, investing where it will make the difference to your overall life.

And we’ll do this efficiently too. Creating a design that is functional and fantastic. That works for your family - both now, and into the future. So you can move forward in your project, with clarity and confidence.

Whether you're building or renovating, let’s work together to create a home that’s perfect for you, your budget, your location and your life.

Design by Amelia Lee works remotely with clients all over Australia

This map shows locations of homeowners like you who've worked with me in the design of their building and renovation projects. No home is too remote!

This is how to work 1:1 with Amelia

There are 3 design service packages which have been carefully crafted to be of the greatest value and highest impact.

Click on these for more information about each:

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