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Whether you're building or renovating your future home, your lifestyle will be created by the design choices you make.

Design by Amelia Lee is my boutique design agency, helping homeowners like you create homes that work, feel great, and that you feel great in.

With two decades in residential architecture, a few awards and a truckload of houses under my belt, I've seen first hand, over and over, how our homes can improve or impede our lifestyles. And that design is what makes the difference.

Your home is significant and important. Not only in the financial investment you make, but also in the launchpad it creates for your life overall. I take my role in helping you very seriously, and the trust you place in me to share your journey.

I'm also the architect behind Undercover Architect - the award-winning education resource for home design, building and renovation. And, I'm a wife, a mum to three young kids, and a serial renovator!

Design by Amelia Lee works remotely with clients all over Australia. You and I will work closely together to help you design your future home so it works for you now, and into the future. And so it invests your budget where it will make the most significant difference to your lifestyle.


Is Design by Amelia Lee for you?

Design by Amelia Lee is a specialised and unique design service. It's loved by many clients for the confidence it brings them in their home design. However, it's not for everyone.

The service packages (Reno Rescue, Fix Your Floor Plan and New Home Concept) have been carefully crafted to be of the greatest value and highest impact, and so I only work with clients inside those packages.

If you're renovating or building your 10 year, 15 year or forever family home, here's some more information about what you can expect when you work with me.

Designing with honesty ...

I'm honest. Sometimes brutally so.

This can be offensive to hear, but please know this is never my intention. I want our time together to count, and I’m passionate about you getting the best outcome for your home and your life.

Often there is a short but very precious window of opportunity to get things right. Please be honest with me too, because that’s how we get great results together.

Designing with bang for buck ...

Your financial investment in your home is a big deal. It's either a lifetime of savings, or debt, or a combo of both! So my advice respects the significance of this.

My focus will be on making sure the spaces and flow of your home work now and into the future, to serve you and your family.

Durability, functionality and timeless design always makes life simpler overall.

Designing with passion for impact ...

Whether you're renovating or building, I'm passionate about you creating a great home design. And sharing with you what key strategies will work.

So I can talk fast ... in a lot of detail ... and dive deep ... and ask personal, intimate questions ... and laugh a lot (loudly).

Tell me to slow down if it’s too much. Ask if I’ve confused you. This is your home, and your life. This is about YOU.

Let’s work together to create a home that’s perfect for you, your budget, your location and your life. I’d love to help you do this.

Please get in touch to take the first great step in your project.

Request Your Guide to Design Services >>>