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Rocket into your renovation with a design that maximises your home's true potential

Who’s It For?

Often when homeowners think of renovating, they’ll get a builder over. And often the builder can’t provide realistic advice on cost or possibilities until they have drawings.

And sometimes as a homeowner, you're not sure about signing yourself up to the lengthy process of working with a designer for the next 6 months or so. Or signing a builder's contract to commence on your design work with them.

What's also challenging is the myriad of options when you renovate. What you’ll change and what you’ll keep. Each of these choices will have an impact on cost and time, and what outcome you’ll achieve for your home.

So what is the best way to explore your options? And efficiently create a renovation design you can show to builders to test the feasibility of your project?

With over 20 years industry experience in helping clients renovating their own homes, plus doing a few renovations of my own with my hubby, my specific approach helps you do just this.

The Reno Rescue is an intensive and comprehensive service that rockets you into a successful renovation project – knowing you’ll get it right, and simplify your journey overall.

The Reno Rescue service ultimately creates a renovation design that gives confidence you can create a home that’s worth all the effort. One that will be a great home for you and your family to live in and love

If you’re seeking to create a renovation design that suits you and your family, and helps you be strategic about how you spend your budget ... I'd love to help you.

For more about the process, what's included and to see inside your Design Report, head here.

This for you if ...

  • + you want to see what’s possible for your home and budget – and whether your budget matches your needs
  • + you just want to dip your toe in the water to see whether improving your home is possible
  • + you want to have something concrete – actual drawings of a design that works – to move forward with a local designer, draftsperson or speak to builders for quoting, etc.
  • + you don’t think you need an architect for the duration of your project, but appreciate that great design will make a big and unique difference to how your home works and feels
  • + you love where you live, and don’t want to move, but you just can’t visualise how your home can be improved or changed (and it desperately needs it!)
  • + you have some drawings of your existing floor plan that can be used to create realistic design options (these could be drawings you have had done by another consultant, or created accurately yourself)

This is NOT for you if ...

  • + you don’t have any existing drawings – because I can’t provide you any realistic design options without something I can use as an underlay
  • + you already have a designer or builder on board who is not collaborative in their approach, and will resent the involvement of another designer creating a concept design (if this is your designer, you may want to think about how well they’ll incorporate your feedback and input too if they’re not collaborative)

Fees are tailored to your needs and your project.

The Reno Rescue Service starts at $11,330 incl GST

If you'd like to get in touch with me about working together on your home design, contact me here.

“Amelia had a very special ability to combine practical and innovative approaches to resolving problems and providing insights into various issues that we’d not yet considered. The Skype consultation was comprehensive, and through her targeted questioning and honest professional expertise we were able to clarify both our general and specific requirements.

 Amelia’s very practical approach, mixed with a dash of genius and seasoned liberally with inspiration really worked for us.

What was particularly reassuring was Amelia’s attention to detail and her ability to successfully juggle our competing requirements.

As well as being both an honest and very approachable person, we would highly recommend Amelia’s experience, professionalism and architectural skills in achieving an outcome that exceeds all expectations.”

Paul Blake

"Initially, I was not looking forward to moving into this home. The rabbit-warren spaces, the dead ends, the darkness, the cold, the heat. It made me shudder to think what we would have to do to make it more liveable.

The family heritage that is in every wall, every floorboard, however, is what pushes it over the line to “reno, not rebuild”. We needed to make this home more liveable so that the heritage of the family could continue for generations to come.

When I came across your site, I was excited. And even better, hubby was excited too. An actual architect! Who communicates using technology! Who knows about design stuff!"

The designs you have sent are beyond amazing. I can actually picture myself standing in the finished product. And to get me excited about moving into this home is a challenge that you have slayed!

Amanda + Doug Burnett

“We really enjoyed the questionnaire and the Skype call, they helped us to convey our needs to you, and helped us feel like you really understood what will make our home work well for us. We appreciate your perspective and ability to see into the future (eg. while we have little kids now, they won't be little forever, and designing the home to fit changing needs over a long time span).

Our preferred floor plan has all of the features we were looking for, plus a couple of exciting surprises/possibilities we hadn't considered.

 We had a rough concept picture in mind of a preferred layout, and we were pleasantly surprised when the design was nothing like we had imagined.  

The most valuable thing we have gained is the confidence to take the time to get it right. Even though we would love to start building immediately and move in tomorrow, we have gained so much benefit from taking the time to get all the "little" things right.

We are confident that our home will have "magic" elements and stunning orientation - we believe it's going to be such a joy to live in.”

Fiona + Andrew Francis

"The space is so peaceful and the area so quiet and the light is so awesome. Thank you for everything you did to make this place what it is for us.

I know I told you from the beginning that this was not my dream home by my function home. Well, I stand corrected.

In this time and place and for everything that I want and need, this is my dream home. Thank you for creating that for me."

Clare Anderson

"Amelia’s expertise is second to none. Her experience in the industry and depth of knowledge is profound, while her designs and concepts are practical, thoughtful and completely user friendly."

Cassandra Sun

"We weren't necessarily going into the building project as complete novices, due to our extensive research beforehand; but it was very important to us that we got a "second opinion" from a true expert and someone who knew what makes a residential house work for a family.

Amelia provided that, was honest and respectful and gave us the confidence to move ahead with the knowledge that we have a design we love but most importantly will work and should minimise any regret! Thanks so much."

Stephen Carroll + Jenni Chan

"We found Amelia to be understanding and proactive and helped to deliver exactly what we wanted to achieve with our project.

From the outset she was quick to understand the brief and provided us with options to consider, working with us to achieve the desired outcome, within the designated budget.

The final design achieved a solution for the site that was exceptional. Her experience, enthusiasm and attention to detail cannot be faulted. We would not hesitate to use her services again in the future."

Darryl Coalter

"The smartest thing we did was realise our own shortcomings and turning to Amelia for her professional experience and advice. She managed to turn our brief into a design that will meet our objectives for our project in a very short timeframe."


Lisa Georgee + Annie Harriss

"Amelia brought to the design of our home her clever and thoughtful approach that built on the ideas we already had, but made them so much better than we had thought was possible.

As a result our house suits our family and our lives perfectly. There is nothing about the design that we would change or that we have ever thought could have been done better.

Amelia’s honest, calm, thoughtful professionalism made her a pleasure to deal with. We would gladly use Amelia again and have recommended her without reservation to many friends."


Avril Huddy + Michael Wade

"After working on a recipe for our home for some time, we had gathered all the ingredients we wanted in it, but we were not sure they were put together in the best way possible. We needed fresh eyes to see how the design could be improved. We didn’t want to be told that what we had was all wrong (the dread of starting again!), or that it was all fine as it was.

The most valuable things we gained from our service were specific suggestions that clearly improve the design, and the rationale behind them explained. The service delivery was excellent, and we have recommended it to others."

M + H, Maroubra

"Amelia has provided me with the confidence to move forward with my renovation plans by simplifying the process. I’m starting to plan and organise my project with a start date in mind.

I’m no longer procrastinating. With her ideas and extensive knowledge, I am able to begin the building project without hesitation or fear of the unknown. Thank you Amelia."

Lisa Joel

We always thought that architects were out of our reach. but Amelia has given us a lot more than we thought was possible ...

Amelia drew up a plan for us which was perfect and it felt like she knows how we live, when we have never even met her.

Her knowledge is second to none and her communication skills are brilliant.

If we asked her a question, every question was answered and it was answered thoroughly, even more than we expected to get.

Not only did she provide us with a plan on paper but a video so that we could walk through our house together with voice commentary.

If we had any issues, Amelia would mark them up on the plan so we could get our measurements correct.

We always thought that architects were out of our reach, but Amelia has given us a lot more than we thought was possible in the price we paid.

We have learnt so much about building from Amelia as she makes you aware of everything that can go wrong or be done incorrectly.

We will definitely be recommending Amelia to everyone.

The Burke Family

She brought to our attention design ideas that we had never even thought were possible and encouraged us to think outside our comfort zone (right down to paint colour).

This has helped enormously.

We would not make a single decision without further consultation. Simple ideas and advice. [through] to major structural solutions.

My husband and I both felt that Amelia was amazing the way she walked in, assessed us individually and as a couple, and then also our home in a matter of moments (literally). We both felt she really 'got' our dilemmas or design goals.

We look forward to working with Amelia again in the near future as we will certainly not be making any decision without her guidance. I only wish we could build something from the ground up with her!

Lucy Larsson

I just keep being amazed by you! I'm looking at the detail and the precision and I'm astonished.

But that doesn't even touch on how much this concept keeps revealing. There is so much magic within the spaces that keep revealing themselves.

We have been able to reimagine so much into the spaces you have designed. The possibilities with this concept are endless and the more we sit with it the more we discover.

You are incredible and this design is blooming perfect.


I recently engaged Amelia to assist in designing a renovation of our home in Sydney. It was outstanding, so impressive and so useful!
The Vimeo video entailed Amelia talking through the floor plans, explaining why she designs things in certain ways, options at different design junctions - it all made so much sense and helped me understand the design process.
Amelia is very driven to help clients achieve a fantastic design, she can assist with a Reno Rescue report or continue you to guide you through the design process.
I received much more from Amelia than I was expecting in terms of the detail in her report and ongoing support. She was really prompt in responding to emails and so enthusiastic about design and achieving a great outcome for our renovation.
The Reno Rescue proved to be excellent value and I would recommend Amelia and her Reno Rescue service unreservedly!

Rebecca Overton

Amelia has provided architectural services to us for the renovation of a dwelling and later for a new build.
On both occasions, she listened to the needs of our family and designed to enable our family to function easily within the home.
There is nothing I would change to the layout of our new home, every square centimetre of the house has a purpose, and life is easy. Having the right aspect, and the home built to salute the light makes all the difference in the world. Things I never knew I missed, like the morning light streaming in the windows, and the evening departure of light, and seeing the sky (lots of it) are here in abundance. It really does make a whole lot of difference to my day.
I would use Amelia's services again in a heartbeat. She asks the right questions, listens to your needs, watches how your family operate, and as a mother herself knows the importance of designing for the dynamics of a family as they grow.

Hazel Coalter

Amelia's vision and design ability in being able to take a dilapidated Queenslander and turn it into the space we have now is nothing short of amazing. 
Amelia’s greatest strength is that due to her significant experience, she is incredibly knowledgeable about every element of the design and building process. She provided key advice and solutions on endless issues, particularly when we encountered a problem or were having budgetary troubles. 
Amelia is also proactive – you cannot put a value on how important this is to keep a project moving along – it also means that potential problems are anticipated and avoided. She is thorough and sets very high standards for herself - on more than one occasion throughout our project she went above and beyond what would normally be expected. 
We cannot recommend Amelia highly enough – she is exceptional.

Jacqui Lynagh

Client Case Studies

The Reno Rescue service has been used by homeowners like you to create renovation designs that launch them confidently into their projects. Review some examples here.

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