The Process

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Together, we'll work together in a comprehensive, detailed way to create a design that suits you and your family perfectly.

Design by Amelia Lee works remotely with clients all over Australia. You and I will work closely together to design your future home so it works for you now, and into the future. And so it invests your budget where it will make the most significant difference to your lifestyle.

The 3 service packages (Fix Your Floor Plan | Reno Rescue | New Home Concept) have been carefully crafted to be of the greatest value and highest impact, and so I only work with clients inside these packages.

This is what the process looks like...


To learn more about the process and what's inside your Design Report, watch this video ...

(I explain more about what's involved in working with me, what you can expect from your Design Report, and what you do after our work!)

Enabling you to move forward confidently in your project, knowing you'll create a home that works for you and your family.

Request Your Guide to Design Services >>>